And i’m not talking card games here. Combe was dry and I must say once I was in the car I was really relaxed about it and boy what a qually session we had. Dropped into the 109′s again only just but I will take a 109 carrying on from where we left off 18 months again. The car was feeling quick although I was having gear change problems and it was not selecting quite as snick as it has done in the past. Something to look into when it’s back in the work shop. Probably just needs a tweak with the gear tronic’s ecu or was it operator error. I’ll go for the ecu theory.

All well in qually then, got into 4th spot with a 109.887 looking forward with a right scrap with the cars around me a rapid Evo, Lambo and Dodge Viper. It all ended very quickly for me as I snapped a drive shaft on the start of the green flag lap. So I had to sit out the race watching from the bank at the Esses.