Somethink different on Sunday

Ok so I love going round in circles but now for something completely different. I will be co driver again for a mate in my first tarmac rally. Having navigated for Steve in the forests of Somerset I am now in the nav seat on an easier Navigating event the tarmac stages of Smeathorpe on Sunday 3rd September. It will be fast that’s for sure can’t wait. Just to get me in the mood for our trip north to Donnington Park with the rover in Future Classic’s on September 10th.

Ok It’s been a test

This year has not been so successful if you only look at the results table. we have, it has to be acknowledged got top points for attendance. What with an oil fire then straight after a catastrophic failure of an engine , snapped drive shaft, one crash and now at Castle Combe at the weekend a car to car contact with a back marker that ripped the rear wheel off and split the rear body work badly it has not really gone to plan. On the bright side we now have a competitive engine that is capable to staying with the front running cars in “Future Classic’s” and the car is on top form all things considered. After a few weekends work we should have the car back on track and heading north to Donnington Park on September¬†10th.

Oh Dear

Could Spa have been more of a disappointment……………………………………No hard to think how. That’s racing is ringing in my ear but it’s not helping. A whole year of preparation and excitement and car 77 didn’t turn a wheel, well technically it did just to get it off the trailer. We had decided to do a session testing and got the car off the trailer on Thursday morning early ready to do scrutineering then onto sound check for the test session. We passed scrutineering no problem pushed the car back to our pit to start her up to go to noise check at the other end of pits. I pushed the start button and as the engine fired I was greeted by a very loud clacking from the engine. After a bit of diagnosis it turns out a bolt from the throttle body rail was ingested and has made a right mess of things as you can imagine. It has come out the car and gone back to the engine builder for a strip to see what’s what.