I thought it was all over

IT IS NOW, So Donny was the last race of the season for team 77. As you know we didn’t have much luck on our side this year. After a season start at Castle Combe which lasted all of a quarter of a lap before the car set on fire because of a split oil feed pipe. That really set the team on the back foot from the get go. Next up was Silverstone and a reasonable finish but a hidden killer was lurking in the engine getting ready to bite hard next time out. That would have been the high light of our race year

“ SPA FRANCORCHAMPS ” summer classic. As you know we always go well at Spa but luck needs to be on your side at such a demanding circuit. I put a lot of effort into the week we are away and gladly do so,as it is the Temple of European motorsport. So rather than linger on woes to burst the bubble that is my golden view of the weeks racing  I would rather not go there and suffice to say that stray bolts getting sucked into combustion chambers does not result in a fast car. Onto Castle Combe with a fast repaired engine and a racy attitude. As you know we are usually very quick round our home circuit but tangling with a back marker on lap six ended badly for car 77 ripping the rear wheel off and culminating in a lot of damage to put right .

Last race of the year at Donnington park was a cracker for car77 as we finished and had some great racing on the way so  to finish off our season on a good fun race was excellent. Now the car is up on jacks and we have a few service items to get sorted and shall be looking for more upgrades to take us into next year with a competitive car with which to compain in Future Classic’s.

It just leaves me to thank all the people who make the racing in car 77 such a pleasure.

Powercrazy Motorsports Steve Edmonds, Malcolm Horn, and there team. John Earles engine builder, Rob Biggs suspension guru, Mike @ Mobile Fleet Solutions for our tyre needs, Fast Ford Matt for all he does so well,Debbie team manager, All my fellow race drivers who help us out in time of need and push me on to try to beat them  and last but not least Harry the dog.



Well the expected monsoon weather didn’t come our way and the wet tyres were left on the trailer again. I knew when I bought them they would be a waste of money LOL as we have not used them this year again still if you don’t have them you can bet your last pound you will need a set.

Qualifying was a bit of a disaster as I came off the track at least 4 times due to driver error I’m sorry to say. I was missing turn in points and braking to late all very messy and ended up 6th on the grid on the third row. The race started off not much better , very scrappy and after out braking myself on lap four fell back to 11th. I recovered after some great catch up racing to finish 6th before the race was red flagged.

here is the race video link …………… https://youtu.be/VIiU_GO94hU

Somethink different on Sunday

Ok so I love going round in circles but now for something completely different. I will be co driver again for a mate in my first tarmac rally. Having navigated for Steve in the forests of Somerset I am now in the nav seat on an easier Navigating event the tarmac stages of Smeathorpe on Sunday 3rd September. It will be fast that’s for sure can’t wait. Just to get me in the mood for our trip north to Donnington Park with the rover in Future Classic’s on September 10th.