Oh Dear

Could Spa have been more of a disappointment……………………………………No hard to think how. That’s racing is ringing in my ear but it’s not helping. A whole year of preparation and excitement and car 77 didn’t turn a wheel, well technically it did just to get it off the trailer. We had decided to do a session testing and got the car off the trailer on Thursday morning early ready to do scrutineering then onto sound check for the test session. We passed scrutineering no problem pushed the car back to our pit to start her up to go to noise check at the other end of pits. I pushed the start button and as the engine fired I was greeted by a very loud clacking from the engine. After a bit of diagnosis it turns out a bolt from the throttle body rail was ingested and has made a right mess of things as you can imagine. It has come out the car and gone back to the engine builder for a strip to see what’s what.