First time out

For the Chevrolet TVR Tuscan this bank holiday Monday. 18 yes 18 months since I have been in the hot seat of the chevy and I’m really looking forward to it as you can imagine. Steve over at Powercrazy Motorsport has been playing with the mapping on the car. We have gone from 450Lbs/Ft  way up to 535Lbs/Ft that is a whooping jump.

The car is going to be very quick as it has a very impressive 507 BHP to add to the torque. I have a vague feeling of scariness and trepidation going through folly flat out, I expect that to focus my mind the first time through  . Not having been in the car for so long and I have to say looking at the entry list, I will be in at the deep end. Still can’t really wait to find out what the car will do. I have put big rubber on and look forward to a sunny Monday afternoon.