Top Dog

Ok so we have waited a few years for this to happen. First in class second overall in Future classic’s. what a race I was epic LOL. The video tells the story although the finish line couldn’t come quick enough as the Porsche of Mark Chilton was only .125 of a second now that was close. So I now carry a 30 second win penalty onto Thruxton in three weeks time.

Snetterton here we come

Not long to go now till Sat 12th April and the start of the 2014 season opener. We are kicking our season off with the Rover engine Tuscan car 177 at the new to us Snetterton 300.The car just needs an oil change and a new set of plugs and it is good to go, which is more than i can say for me.I have been on a race diet for so long now that I have forgotten what it is like to have an eat all you can menu. My girlfriend would dispute this but huh it was all her fault in the first place.(Gets his coat and hat to leave the building) I have yet to learn the new 300 track in Norfolk but there is only so much you can do on “You Tube ” so it will be Qualifying that I get a feel for the track and stick car 177 on pole. Get in there !!!!!!!!

Will we see you there I wonder.