A very exciting piece of news,Simon Lane of Hel has seen the light and will be supplying all braided brake,fuel and oil lines for the new car along with the water hoses and oil coolers.Hel are at the top of there game and we are delighted to have there support and advise through 2011.Please see link for a” harder stopping” future.

I am also very pleased to tell you that Newton’s Furniture of Newton Abott have sponsored the team with a set of tyres,which is a hefty contribution and we will be making the best use of them in the opening round of the Challenge at Snetterton on the 29/30th May.please see link to there web site.


Yes it’s very exciting,the new bodywork was picked up this morning from the spray shop and it’s back in the workshop.Now all we have to do is build it into one seriously fast car.Actually the hard part has allmost been done now,that been getting everythink in one place to bolt it on.Recently i have sent the front hubs away to be crack tested and certificated and trying to locate the right wheel bearings.Apart from an arms lenth of stuff more to sort out we are nearly there now.Mike and Phillip are really keen to get cracking on and have mooted a two month frenzy of bolting parts on,i have to say i’m a little more worldly wise and it would be great to have car ready for testing in say three.So we shall see as they say.I’ll keep you posted

At last i have some news, all be it small news , the 2011 new race car has now come into the workshops from the chap who was laying up the new light weight body.Colin has been chopping it about a bit to get it lined up right on the chassis and early next week Phil is hoping to get the roll cage tacked in and then we can send the body to the paint shop to get some paint put on.Whilst the body is away getting some TLC, we can get on with building up and preparing the shocks,brakes,hubs etc.I am busy getting parts together and ordering the amazing amount of bits that are needed to screw a race car together.Talk in the tea room of late has been all about the clutch plate.Some think it will be OK and some think we should revisit the issue.I had bought an American clutch and plate which as sod’s law would have it does not mate up with the Quaife gear box input shaft.The one i have purchased does not look man enough for the job to me although I’m just the” Driver” as I’m frequently reminded and what do i know about it.All good light hearted banter, that i choose to ignore.


February 20th, 2011 | Author: wadsapple

Well it’s been a bit of a slog with sorting the new body i had made but we are just 4 hours away now from unbolting the roll cage and body complete.once it is off the chassis i have got a mate just a quarter of a mile down the road who is going to prepare and paint the body and roll cage.I have just got to fit the front air dam and splitter which i am going to


make removable for two it will be easier to set the car up without the Areo package i have planned ,then when we fit the areo we will be able to see better when we are heading in the right direction.Secondly the car is quite close to the ground and by making the front dam detachable it will aid loading and unloading the car from the lorry