The Team For 2017

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The Car is important but the team is every thing.

The Team for 2017 has been joined once again by our team sponsor  Powercrazy .The team personnel consists of ( in no particular order) the technical/mechanical support of Steve Edmonds and his team at Powercrazy Motorsport will be incharge of mechanical matters and development. Race day mechanics and general car health will be in the safe hands of Malcolm Horn this year. Parts and general procurement is over seen by Perry.Sponsor liaison and administrator Perry.Bodywork and paint is taken care of by perry no less and Chris Paterson and will be helping out where ever he can and is needed,but specialising in the pit wall timing & pit stop driver changes with Debbie. Malcolm as a new member of the team may well be forced to take an active roll in the tea making.

The Motivation & driving duty’s are performed by Perry Waddams.

The  multi talented Debbie Paterson,who will be assisting the team pit and track side filling in as a situation arises and generally bossing me about . This team has been carefully put together to maximise the success of our on track performances. Steve has been repairing and building TVRs for quite some years. Perry has been sorcing the car parts and equipment for 7 years now and helps to keep the team budget on the right track during the racing season and when we are upgrading  car 77 as we are constantly pushing forward. Steve Edmonds is a multi talented mechanic who specialises in chassis development and maintenance and takes a major role with the race & day to day running of both cars. Steve who owns & runs  Powercrazy Motorsport looks after the car in his workshops in between the races and he is at the top of his game of race preparation. Debbie Paterson is the ideal person to head up the catering requirements of the team and sponsors on race days.She also takes on the role of agony aunt. Perry Waddams is the driver of the team in more ways than one.




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